Hero Boy Saves Sister from Dog Attack

A courageous 6 year old boy has come to the attention of Ironman and the Avengers. Robert Downey Jr. has actually joined some of his fellow Avengers to commemorate 6-year old real-life hero Bridger Walker. The child has actually been in the news quite a bit lately after he conserved his 4-year old sis from a pet attack. He jumped in front of her as the pet dog locked on to his face, which resulted in 90 stitches, a black, eye, and a lot of pain. His auntie, Nikki Walker took a while to share Bridger’s story with the world and tagged some of the greatest superheroes on the world, wishing to get just one reaction.

However, Bridger Walker’s heroism has seen not just one, but numerous superheroes reach out to pay homage. Chris Evans sent a video in character and assured to send out the young boy a real Captain America shield. Never one to be outshined, Robert Downey Jr. has actually now gotten in on the fun and it appears like he’s attempting to one-up Evans.

The Iron Man guarantee should be quite unique, however we’re going to need to wait and see exactly what that indicates for Bridger Walker. In addition to Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo also sent Bridger a message. “People who put the well beings of others in front of themselves are the most heroic and thoughtful individuals I know,” Ruffalo said. “I genuinely respect and appreciate your nerve and your heart.” When asked why he chose to secure his sister from the pet dog, Bridger said, “If someone had to pass away, I believed it must be me.”

Thor star Chris Hemsworth just recently sent out a message out to Bridger Walker too. “He did something that not a lot of people would do, he stood in between the dog and his sister and took the complete attack on himself,” stated Hemsworth in his video message. “He received some quite serious injuries to his head and his face, but later on, took his sis’s hand and brought her to security.” Captain Marvel star Brie Larson connected and said that she would be direct messaging Bridger.

Bridger Walker is the kind of hero 2020 should have. The news has actually been pretty dark over the last numerous months, however the 6-year old’s bravery, and the action to it, has been something that a great deal of individuals required to see. Bridger is a tip that the future is bright for real-life heroes. Hopefully he’ll expose what Robert Downey Jr.’s guarantee was in the next couple of months. You can see Robert Downey Jr.’s pledge to Bridger Walker above, thanks to Nikke Walker’s Instagram account.