Shevet Yuval in BAYT Snif

Shevet Yuval, the newest addition to Bnei Akiva this year has really added much essence and meaning to snif. On a regular basis, snif takes place every shabbat with children from grades 3-8. It is so amazing to see the shevet yuval members (special needs) walk in on shabbat afternoon with such big smiles. Our goal for this year is to integrate the Shevet Yuval members with Shevet Lehava (grade 9’s). There is no reason why the Shevet Yuval members should miss out on such wonderful opportunities such as attending snif. At snif, we look past one’s disabilties, and try to focus on each and everyone’s abilities, whether it be a Shevet Yuval member or a member of Shevet Lehava. During our peulot, it is really nice to see Shevet Lehava and ShevetYuval members converse and interact with one another. As well, it is really pleasant to see how the rest of snif reacts when shevet yuval comes to snif. Just this passed shabbat, a member of Chevraya Aleph (grade 3-4) was very interested in interacting with a Shevet Yuval member, so she, on her own initiated a conversation and guided her with davening. It is such a positive experience working with these two amazing groups, and we hope that Shevet Yuval will only continue to expand. Baruch Hashem, we have had over 6 Shevet Yuval members and 12 Shevet Lehava members that have attended snif. Our tzevet works very hard to create peulot that are suitable for all members so that each and everyone can participate. We hope to have many more Shevet Yuval and Shevet Lehava snifim together to continue this amazing avirah (atmosphere). – Sarah Ohana, Rosh Shevet Yuval