Bnei Akiva a Summary

This year has been one of growth and development for Bnei Akiva of Toronto, enabling us to reach a participation of over 700 chanichim. It has been a year of many firsts, hard work, and continued success. We have seen only good from all four of our snifim; the BAYT, Or Chaim and Sharei Shomayim have all outdone themselves, creating a fun, ruach filled learning environment for the kids of our community to enjoy. Our newest addition to the Toronto snif family, Tiferet Israel, has been enormously successful, getting at least 35 kids a week. Our inspirational madrichim, roshim, shlichim and chanichim have all proven amazing over this past year. They have all helped and participated in making top notch peulot, amazing shabbatonim, and other special events that really enhanced everybody’s year. Our out of snif activities were also incredible!  Ice skating, movie nights, laser tag, trivia nights, carnivals, pizza baking, dancing and much more filled our weekdays with tons of fun. This year, Bnei Akiva Toronto also introduced its newest addition, Shevet Yuval. This important new group of Bnei Akiva is an inclusion program for children with special needs.   Everyone enjoyed and benefited from the incredible times they had hanging out with their new Shevet Yuval friends, attending informative and interesting seminars, and an amazing Shevet Yuval Shabbaton.  We are truly indebted to our incredible shlichim, James and Ann Williams, without which all of this amazing development would not have happened. The tnuah of Bnei Akiva has been felt community wide, as the values of Torah Ve’avodah are beautifully exemplified through the chaverim of Bnei Akiva Toronto.

-Shira Eklove & Emuna Gemara